Cancer Information

Bowel Cancer Screening

A video produced by the Public Health Authority explains what happens at bowel screening.  It covers how to take the test, processing the samples at the laboratory, receiving your results and being called back to colonoscopy. It is hoped the video will help clear up confusion about how to take the test and clarify the process. The video also features the helpline and provides the number for people to contact. Please follow the link below to view this video.

Breast Screening Information

A new video that shows women what to expect when they attend for breast screening has been produced by the Public Health Agency. It covers the whole process of screening - from receiving the invitation letter to getting the results. The video is aimed at women who have never attended for breast screening or who have been invited for the first time. Please follow the link below to view this video.

Cancer Survivorship Website for Northern Ireland

People living with and beyond cancer can enjoy life and be supported or empowered to remain well. There are a wide variety of services available in Northern Ireland which can provide you with information and support to meet your individual needs. Please follow the link below for more information regarding the services available

Skin Cancer Screening

Spotting a change in a mole, freckle or a new coloured spot early can save your life.  Please follow the link below for further information.

Looking for a Change